Building Works Group of Companies: Mold Squad: Mold and Asbestos Removal


Our Primary Services

Building Works provides an end-to-end integrated solution to building remediation and restoration, with expert teams in four primary lines of service:

  • Building Envelope Remediation and Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Consulting and Financing support

Our Process for Building Success

1. Building evaluation

  • Our in-depth evaluation process typically provides a clear indication of any problems a building may be experiencing. We examine both interior and exterior areas in our evaluation.

2. Investigation / building envelope condition assessment

  • Investigation involves the removal of the cladding system in small strategic test areas to determine the extent of the envelope failure.
  • Our teams may also take wall moisture readings and conduct air quality tests to provide greater insight into the severity of the problem.

3. Remediation / Restoration services

  • Remediation means we design an appropriate system or methodology to fix the problem.
  • Restoration is the actual work process to repair the damage back and bring your building back to code.

4. Quality Assurance and Support

Building Works employs experts in all areas of remediation and restoration. We guarantee a job well done, and we are there for you should you require additional support

We're here to help

To schedule an in-person consultation for your project, please contact us at (403) 235-5400 or email your question or request to